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Lipovina Late Harvest Sur Lie Year 2007 - Maturing with use of batonage method “Sur Lie” during 3 months provided the wine with complexity and elegant acids. A gentle aroma of flowers of vineyard roses is complemented by sweet tones of melon and pear.


Lipovina Grapes Selection Year 2007 - Hand-made selection of bunches of sweet Lipovina, processed with modern technology, created a wine of extractive and intensive aroma of mineralization of dominant tufa. Heavier taste of matured grapes with sub-tones of exotic fruits. Cheeses with blue mildews or parmesan just exponentiate the intensive taste of this unique wine.


Lipovina Berries Selection Year 2007 - Matured sweet botrytic grapes of Lipovina and their thrifty processing created a wine of gentle yellow color, intensive aroma of lime flowers, honey plates with the taste of sweet-honey banana. The wine includes a strong taste of mineral tones. The elegant wine exponentiates its taste in combination with sweet dessert as well as with blue mildew.


Lipovina Raisined Grapes Selection Year 2007 – noble raisined grapes, matured thanks to noble rot Botrytis Cinerea Persoon are the dominant aspect of aroma and taste of this wine. Intensive taste of raisined grapes, almost matured fruits, is nicely supplemented with desserts, such as Apple in Piecrust or Pear on Wine.


Furmint Late Harvest Sur Lie Year 2007 - Furmint produced by means of batonage method “Sur Lie”. Maturing of wine during 3 months added a complexity to this wine and elegantly gentled rougher acids of wine. Intensive aroma of dried fruits merged with strong taste reminding of a fresh resin. Furmint with taste of green apple fits to lighter vegetables salads, fattier meat, but also to fishes.


Furmint Grapes Selection Year 2007 - Unusual sweet Furmint was produced by manual selection of matured bunches and consequently processed by means of modern technology. The wine of more extractive aroma of fig and sparking taste of freshly picked greengages is gently merging with long maturing taste of apricots. Goose or duck specs are ideal partner to this wine.


MACIK Cuvée Late Harvest Sur Lie Year 2007 - First Cuvée from Maciks’ – mixture of musts of Furmint, Lipovina and Yellow Muscatel. It is the first sweet “Sur Lie” – wine produced by means of batonage method. Biscuit-vanilla aroma with vividness of freshly harvested bunches of grapes. A seductive taste of fresh vineyard peach is supplemented by intensive citrus taste of grapefruits and oranges. This modern wine is ideal for foods with fruity preparations in sweet taste.


GRAND Cuvée Berries’ Selection Year 2007 -Selection of best wines in harmonic conjunction of secret recipes created a unique wine with intensive, clear aroma or sweet candied fruit. Taste, mineral in sub-tones, is overlapped by fruity tones of matured pear and apple. Fruity but also baked desserts are designed for combination with nice wine.